lunes, 1 de marzo de 2021

A bad egg (Un huevo podrido) (Cortometraje, 2021)


Un nuevo cortometraje humorístico que hemos improvisado el fin de semana del 26 al 28 de Febrero de 2021.

Sinopsis: Un policía necesita cubrir su cupo de arrestos y para ello convence a su primo de que cometa un crimen.

"A bad egg": A cop is about to be kicked out of the police force unless he arrests someone, so he tricks his cousin into commiting a crime. Made for the "Stuck at Home 48", February 26-28, 2021. Team Name: Habitude Team Leader Name: FJ García 48HFP CIty: Madrid Film Name: "A bad egg" #StuckAtHome48 Written by and Starring David Díaz and Fj García Directed by FJ García Music by Enrico Marchiori Sound design by Jesus Maroto Special appearence by Pavlos Christakopoulos Thanks: Anastasia Mara & Sandra Caballero Youtube link: Our assignment: 1) You must include two of these elements/themes: - A Mistake or Misunderstanding (e.g., miscommunication, mistaken identity) - A good luck charm or good luck sign - A meal--either preparation or eating 2) A character with the initials G.B. 3) Line of dialogue: "Everyone tells me the same thing." 4) Choice of genre is yours. Our recommendation: Comedy, Film Noir or Romance 5) The maximum length of your film is 5 minutes.

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